What is a jury and why is it important?

A jury is a body of qualified randomly chosen citizens poised to deliver justice to their peers.

From the beginning of this great country of ours til now our disputes have been resolved by a body of our peers labeled “jurors”.

Why is the preservation of this jury system so important?
Because it is by far the most effective and fair way of deciding our disputes. This is true in both civil and criminal matters.
Why does it work better than other methods?
Because randomly picked jurors are less susceptible to influence and power than other methods. Look around you.
Where do you find injustice?
Where control is in the hands of individuals . . . not randomly chosen groups. Our jury system has been threatened from the beginning by hate mongers and selfish, cruel leaders who want to dictate our internal affairs. They are sometimes accompanied by strong rich and powerful groups consisting of corporations, insurance companies etc.

We must not loosen our grips on these power hunger and money hungry people and groups who want to diminish and destroy our individual rights.

Don’t let them do it.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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