Welding fumes may cause serious conditions and even death.

Until recently experts had almost unanimously proclaimed that exposure to welding fumes was harmless. This was the prevailing and long-standing view. Many of the experts have now reversed their opinion. They now say welding fumes can hurt you and kill you.

It is similar to the cigarette danger appraisal. For many, many years experts declared and testified many times in court that cigarettes would not hurt you but instead were good for you . . .they would release nervous tension. A bombshell exploded in the research quarters when Dr. Oschner of the Oschner clinic in New Orleans did an extensive study and declared “cigarettes cause cancer.” Within a short time practically all the experts reversed their opinion and agreed and testified under oath that cigarettes cause cancer and death.

Such is now the case with welding. Many of the renowned experts now proclaim and will testify that welding fumes may cause Parkinson-like symptoms such as tremors, unsteadiness, loss of memory etc. Manganese in certain welding rods is a deadly poison and can maim and kill those who work with it and around it.

Testing for serious injury due to welding fumes is generally not an invasive procedure and may be done at a minimum of expense. Shouldn’t you know whether you have been harmed?

Protect your family. Get tested now.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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