So many times the average person is faced with the above question. Should I call a lawyer? What is the best answer. Answer: “Yes, when you really need one.”

Ordinarily lawyers (just like doctors and other professional people) cost money and you don’t want to get any of them involved if you can keep from it.

There are times however when it costs you a lot more if you don’t call than if you do.

For example: You are involved in a car wreck and receive what appears to you at the time to be only minor cuts and bruises. You have a little pain in your neck and back (or other body parts), but you figure its not serious and will go away. Joe Blow from Slick Insurance Company appears on your doorstep and offers you what appears to be a generous amount for your minor injuries, but unfortunately you don’t watch out and sign a personal injury release on the dotted line. “So sorry, we can’t help you even if you have to have serious surgery and pay umpteen dollars in medical expenses. Our business with you is complete.” This sort of thing happens every day.

What could you have done? Answer: You could have called a lawyer. It wouldn’t have cost you one red cent to find out what your rights were.

The above is only one example of rank injustice because people (intelligent people) just won’t pick up the phone and save their future. Thousands of deadlines are missed and thousands of rights are forfeited just because they won’t call a lawyer when they should.

Does that mean we should call a lawyer every time? Absolutely not, but we should call one if we are not sure we are doing the right thing. Use your common sense. Don’t sacrifice your future and the future of your family.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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