Most people think their doctor and lawyer has all the answers, that they know all the information in their heads or in the manifold books in their offices. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you know what really happens? So many times the answers that are given are consoling but in truth are vague. What goes on behind closed doors? I’ll tell you what, depending on the time required to give the right answer some lawyer or a member of his staff are checking the books and feverishly (on occasions) pounding on the computer.

Aren’t you really lucky? Knowledge is available to lawyers and doctors through expert services that give expert answers.

For instance, some person visits an attorney with a typical question, “Lawyer Waldman, I took this drug XYZ and it’s causing me to have ZYX. Do I have a case? Here comes the possible vague answer. “Mrs. Jones we feel you have a problem that requires detailed research and investigation. It does appear that you do have a cause of action. Come back Tuesday.”

With that comes the real research and the real answers. We do live in a wonderful age with many means to help our fellow man resolve his problems.

In addition to the books and computers we have attorney experts that we work with on a regular basis and who have performed wonders. We call them for their opinions and information. How wonderful to have the knowledge of the world available to the doctor or attorney of your choice.
Your important function is to have access and obtain the information you need to know. Don’t live in doubt – get the answers.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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