I often worked over forty hours a week but my boss does not pay me overtime. Is this right?
The great majority of employees are entitled to overtime wages if they work more than forty hours during a calendar week. Some employers will use a number of methods to violate your rights to overtime. As a general rule unless you are in a management position with the right to hire and fire staff you are not exempt from overtime laws and must be paid for time worked over forty hours.

Employers use many tricks to avoid their obligation to pay you for time worked. This includes requiring you to work “off the clock,” not compensating you for pre-shift “toolbox”meetings, failing to compensate you when the company has you on-call, failing to compensate you for overtime because it was not approved in advance, providing you “comp. time” in lieu of overtime, calling you an independent contractor or treating you as an exempt management employee when you are not.

If you are not paid overtime when you work more than forty hours there is a good chance you are being cheated out of wages due to you. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act provides that employees whose rights have been violated may be entitled to receive not only their back wages but additional damages equal to those back wages plus attorneys’ fees. You only have two years to bring a claim for back wages so if you feel you have a claim for unpaid wages or overtime you should consult with an attorney promptly. Time may be running out.

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