Children have suffered brain damage because they have done what children will do.

They eat paint.

We are now representing a number of small children who are suffering from permanent signs and symptoms of brain damage. Investigation showed they had been exposed to flakes of old paint containing lead. Lead destroys brain tissue.

How could this happen? Landlords in many cases were warned about the dangers of lead paint and did not remove this hazard even though they were aware of the serious and permanent injury it causes. They know small children would normally put anything they can get a hold of in their mouth. That’s exactly what those children did with the old paint that flaked off the walls, window sills and floors of various buildings. Lead paint was banned from the market by the FDA – because of its destructive nature. This didn’t matter to those landlords who put profit before safety.

Why not hold the guilty persons responsible? They have completely changed the lives of these unfortunate children. Is it wrong to make them pay?

Consult your doctor or attorney. Simple tests will show whether your child has been affected. You owe that to your child.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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