“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

What does that mean? A jury in Montgomery County Texas recently explained it in a simple way. They found that the plaintiff’s insurance company (which delayed payment to the plaintiff Oakridge Baptist Church in Houston of mold damage to the church) had to pay over 5 million dollars to the church because they delayed payment for 16 months. The insurance company had a variety of excuses but the jury did not buy any of them and said “You unreasonably delayed payment of what you owed and denied justice to the church.”

A most unusual case and certainly a significant one. Insurance companies throughout Texas will certainly pick up their ears and possibly change their delaying tactics after reading about this decision.

Our court system will not work right either criminally or civilly if justice is delayed. Citizens harmed by injustices of all sorts need to assert their rights promptly and courts must facilitate trials as soon as possible.

Companies and individuals should control their conduct and in cases of injustice seek out a resolution with those they have harmed. We are a great country because we afford relief through our judicial system to those who have been injured.

Let’s fight with all our might to preserve that right to a trial by jury . . . there are people trying desperately to take it away. Whenever you hear of an attempt to eliminate the right to a jury write your Congressman and the editor of your newspaper. You can make a difference.

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