There are defective products and there are defective products that are dangerous.

Example: Certain vans (and vehicles of various kinds) are defectively designed and rollover causing people to be maimed and killed.

Why do the car manufactures continue to build these vehicles that are top heavy and are hazards? Could it be that they are following the example of the Ford Motor company regarding their Pinto model. Company records showed that Ford executives made a choice to continue building the Pinto with exposed rear gas tanks because it would cost the company less money to pay the victims than change the design of the gas tanks. As a result a jury awarded the heirs of a burned victim the largest sum of money that had ever been awarded in California history. The jury was upset with Ford’s callous disregard of the safety of its customer and punished the company.

That happened years ago – the question is, did it help? Apparently not. The companies, including Ford, are still building unsafe vehicles that we shouldn’t let our loved ones ride in.

We are not just talking about cars and vehicles, the above rule of thumb also applies to thousands of other unsafe products.

What should we do about it? We should go to our legislators and insist that they pass laws protecting the public. In the meantime we should make it cost the companies much more money paying victims than they can save building the unsafe products that make them more money.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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