Why is class action important to me? First of all what is it?

A class action is an action or suit usually on behalf a number of people who have a claim for small individual damages who could not get an attorney to handle their case because the expenses would outweigh the damages.

If it weren’t for class actions many negligent defendants would get away with egregious conduct including manufacturing and producing dangerous products.

In a class action a bunch of people band together and go after the guilty party.

The attorney or attorneys put up the expenses and use experts and their money and expertise to successfully (hopefully) prosecute the case. If the attorneys are successful they get their money back plus attorney fees allowed by the court. As a matter of fact before the attorneys can start a class action they must get permission from a court.

The attorney fee and reimbursement of expenses depend on the success of the suit. Attorneys who get involved in these matters usually lay out lots of money and time. It takes that to be successful.

The corporations understandably oppose class actions and do all they can to destroy this available means for the little guy to get justice.

Getting back to the first question “Why is a class action important to me?” The answer is: It affords you an opportunity to get justice even though your claim individually is small.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C

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