My profession and business as a Personal Injury trial lawyer is to help people get fairly compensated who have been seriously injured in a car wreck…Not to advise them how to avoid a car wreck.

But…my job as a public citizen (assumably skilled in these matters) is to help people avoid being a victim of a car wreck.

Therefore…let me do my duty as a citizen and impress you with the dangers of car rage. Like the slogan of Dr. Oschner (way back in the 60’s) “Cigarettes cause cancer” turned medical science upside down, the slogan “Car rage causes casualties” should cause a similar response.

When you have the control of a 2-ton+ monster (our cars and trucks) in your hands you are capable of inflicting major damage on your fellow man. We don’t realize that. We don’t realize that when we lose our cool and drive aggressively that we become a part of a major problem. Mad cars are lethal. We must cool it. We must risk the temptation to clobber some idiot drivers whose rudeness and bad behavior prompt our senseless reaction.

After all when we lose our temper and involve someone else in a car wreck we are involving ourselves.

Involvement does not just mean physical contact. It may involve a reaction that leads to physical contact. We just don’t realize how many goof-balls are out there who may resort to doing irrational things as result of our conduct.

What does all of this mean? It means that we must, without question, always use our common sense in our driving. When they coined the phrase “Drive defensively” they knew what they were talking about.

As a trial lawyer let me say this…don’t do us any favors…drive carefully and preserve your health. We don’t need the business that badly.

“Car rage causes casualties.”


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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