People need legal advice. Both the suer . . . (the ones bringing the suit) . . . and the suee (the ones who are sued). . . it is our democratic way of venting our emotions. We could use clubs and rocks as our predecessors did or guns etc. as our angry people are doing. Instead we file suits and go to court in what we deem as a civilized way of solving our problems.

Just how civilized is it? Not very when we abuse our privileges and file frivolous claims or suits. Why can’t we be fair? . . . Why can’t we realize that there are two sides to every question and try to reach an agreement that is fair to all sides? Why? Because all of us have a contentious streak that won’t allow us to be fair all the time. When that happens we go to court.

One of the most healthy legal changes that is taking place now are the mediation centers that are operable in so many states and communities. The way they work is this . . . you have a problem that may seem minor to others . . . (it is never minor to the participants). . . Whether you are the claimant or claimee you are furious. You could go to a lawyer and spend multiples of what you are fighting about . . . . or you can go to a mediation center (some are called dispute mediation center) and have them referee your problem . . . guess what . . . it won’t cost you a nickle. These fine people are there to serve you. By and large they are intelligent, hard working and sincere people. If going to a mediation center doesn’t work there is plenty of time to go to a lawyer and start spending your money. Be careful though . . .if your dispute really is about something that is serious or could be serious do not delay getting legal advice. This is one of the dangers of the mediation procedure. People go to mediation sometimes when they should spend their bucks for good legal advice.

Again . . . be careful . . . if you can safely use the mediation services have at it . . . don’t let the problem fester. . . . do something now.

What is it like to be a suer or suee? I can tell you . . .generally it doesn’t feel good and its costly. Avoid it if possible.

One last word . . .take care of your business. . .if you can’t work it out get some help.


Carl Waldman
Waldman Smallwood Law Firm P.C.

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